Canon D5 Mark III The New Era of Photography |

Canon D5 Mark III The New Era of Photography

Canon D5 Mark III The New Era of Photography

Canon D5 Mark III The New Era of Photography

Canon D5 Mark III- The New Era of Photography - 

Canon is considered as a legendary brand when it comes to making camera. The Canon EOS 5D was recognized as the first of its kind DSLR which offered the feature of full-frame photography. The camera was then replaced by a successor of the D5 series, better known as the Canon D5 Mark II. This is where video footage in DSLR came into existence. Earlier, there was no other DSLR which could support video coverage. Hence, every DSLR before Canon D5 Mark II was nothing more than a device to record still images. However, the master stroke was yet to be unfolded as Canon eventually launched D5 Mark III, which till the present date is regarded as the best DSLR for professionals worldwide.

The Canon D5 MK III was launched in March 2012 and since then, it has never failed a professional photographer. At that time the DSLR was priced at US $ 3499 in the US and £ 2999 in the UK for body only. But that didn’t stopped the photographers to get their on this ‘magic box’ as it had some magical features. The D5 MK III has a 23.3 megapixel camera with an ISO of 100 – 25600. It was the first camera in its niche which could records videos on HDR along with maintain a rate of 6fps while continuous shooting. The 61 point auto focus system is truly remarkable and still one of the best in the industry till date. Within these 61 different focal points, 41 belong to the cross-type, whereas 5 belong to dual cross-types. Presence of these factors means that the focus on the subject would be accurate than ever. This is why most of the renowned photographers of the world prefer to use this DLSR over any other brand and model.

Some of the best cameras of modern era such as Sony A7 and Nikon D810 are often compared to this DSLR, but has always failed to supersede this marvel from Canon. May it be a close up or a shot of a landscape, the camera has always been par excellent in its performance.

Final Verdict-

When a person rates a camera, there are various factors which are taken into consideration. Areas such as ISO sensitivity, camera resolution, battery life, low light imagining power, etc., are some of the best areas of consideration. Now to being, to rate the ISO sensitivity, we would give it a 4.5 star of 5 star as it has an encompassing range of capturing. Now coming to the camera resolution, the D5 Mark III is still one of the best its segment and definitely deserves 4.5 stars out of 5. Next, is the battery life, Canon could have later on introduced an upgraded form of battery which can capture about 5000 shots in a single charge. The stock battery also performs decently. It should get 4 starts out of 5. Last, but not the least, low light imaging is absolutely brilliant of this camera. One has to give 5 starts out of 5 for this. To sum up, the Canon 5D Mark IIII gets a 4.7 stars out of 5 and this is perhaps the best that you can get in DSLRs.

The Canon 5D Mark IIII gets a 4.7 stars out of 5

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