Canon EOS 1300D An Awesome DSLR for Beginners |

Canon EOS 1300D An Awesome DSLR for Beginners

Canon EOS 1300D An Awesome DSLR for Beginners

Canon EOS 1300D An Awesome DSLR for Beginners

Canon EOS 1300D- An Awesome DSLR for Beginners

Canon has closely been monitoring the success story of Nikon with its budget DSLR Nikon D3200. Recently, Canon introduced a fierce competitor of the D3200 in the form of Canon EOS 1300D. The camera is an ideal DSLR for beginners and is well connected though built-in NFC and Wi-Fi. So, without any further delay, let us have a good look into this new DSLR from Canon.

Camera Resolution -

People who are new into photography are always keen to know about the megapixel of the camera. Though it is not the only factor that determines the level of the a camera, but an 18 megapixel camera in the Canon EOS 1300D will give the beginners a trust of quality and endurance from Canon. The camera offers a good quality pictures under flashy background and image stabilization looks better than ever.

Auto-Focus and Continuous shooting -

A 9-point autofocus allows the camera to offer nice focus to the subject. Its cross-type nature makes it easier for the users to shift their focus from one subject to the other. When it comes to continuous shooting feature, the camera offers a decent performance with 3fps potential.

EOS 1300D possesses Bright Viewfinder (95%) coverage along with Pentamirror.

Miscellaneous -

Canon 1300D has a 3.0 inch LSC screen and supports NFC and Wifi. With a weight close to 485 grams, the camera is perfect for handling shoots even in the outdoor. The resolution offered by the camera includes 1080p, 720p and 640 x 480. These options can be selected from the menu and has an excellent support under auto mode. Even in low lights and brighter backgrounds, the camera was able to deliver good images. The camera comes with a stock 18 – 55mm ISII Lens, a 16 GB memory card and a carry case.

Canon EOS 1300D An Awesome DSLR for Beginners

Pricing -

It is obvious for Canon to keep the price of camera closer to the Nikon D3200. You can have this beautiful EOS 1300D in your hands for just US $ 599.95. Though, it is slightly expensive than its competitor, it is obvious for Canon to maintain its brand value and get along with other competitors as well. This camera is the latest addition to Canon’s legacy and surely going to offer a serious impact in the realm of low and mid-priced DSLRs in the market.

Whether to buy Canon EOS 1300D or not?

Now the final question which we all are asking is here! Whether buying Canon EOS 1300D is a good decision or not? Well, with the brand name of Canon, it is easy for any photographer to believe that they are moving ahead in the right decision. They also need to realize that Nikon D3200 is its number one competitor and hence, Canon will try to put in the best that it can in this device. Therefore, if you are looking for a new DSLR to start your photography career, then this is definitely the choice for you! Various stores such as Amazon, Ebay, etc., are yet to roll out, so better keep a close watch before stock runs out.

If you are looking for a new DSLR to start your photography career , definitely the choice for you !

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