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Canon EOS M6 Specifications

Canon EOS M6 Specifications

Canon EOS M6 Specifications

Canon EOS M6- The Latest Version of Canon Camera

If photography is your passion, you must be aware of the latest camera in the market- Canon EOS M6. To make 2017 more exciting, Canon has brought their updated camera, EOS M6 mirrorless camera. Like other variations, this new addition to Canon family is also mirrorless. And as soon as it made its appearance in February 2016, it has given birth of Canon rumors. The images of Canon EOS M6 have been leaked online.

Canon EOS M6 Camera Rumors

It was pre-planned that Canon is going to release their new version of DSLR, EOS M6 on February 2017. Along with the release, they also planned to release more information about it, but the images were leaked online, and that has cleared it that like the previous version EOS M5, this new version also doesn’t have EVF feature. Not only that, but it is also cleared that Canon EOS M6 comes with removable EVF system. The leaked images of this new camera of Canon are authenticated, and there is nothing for doubts. Hopefully, the camera is going to be released on 23rd February. If you search on search engines, you will find several images of Canon EOS M6 and also the pictures of the EVF-DC2 viewfinder. Check those out and decide if you want it for your next adventure journey.

What the Pictures Say

Have you seen the images of Canon EOS M6? Then, the picture must have been appealing to you. The basic features that are understood from the pictures are-

·         Vert sleek body that is one of the main characteristics of Canon EOS M series

·         It has built-in flash

·         The camera offers manual control on the left side of the camera contains buttons to operate the device

·         The LCD screen is quite wide, and it is at the backside of the camera.

·         The tilting design of screen (85 degrees up and 180 degrees down) will make it easier for the photographers to capture pictures from high as well as lower angles.

Though it is expected that the announcement of the release of Canon EOS M6 will be made on the CP+ show, but, after the leakage of the images, it can be done before. You will soon get more details and reviews of this brand new camera on social media and other sites.

Canon EOS M6- Specifications

Though you have seen the leaked images, there are certain EOS M6 specifications which you need to know to decide whether you want this one now or not.

1.      Canon EOS M6 is a mirrorless camera. It is coming with 15 to 45mm and 18-150mm kit lenses

2.      The old viewfinder DC-1 will be replaced by the EVF DC-2 viewfinder in EOS M5

3.      There are two variations of colors will be available, black and silver

It is rumored that Canon EOS M6 is going to hit the floor on February 26. Now, it is just a few days’ wait to see the actual camera instead of leaked pictures.


It is rumored that Canon EOS M6 is going to hit the floor on February 26

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