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How to improve iPhone 6 battery life

How to improve iPhone 6 battery life

How to improve iPhone 6 battery life

How to improve iPhone 6 battery life?

iPhone is perhaps the most renowned brand in the mobile phones and every year; Apple releases a model without any fail. iPhone 6 model was officially released in the year 2014 and still has been able to sustain the popularity to this date.

The phone obviously comes with many features that make it an ideal choice for a smartphone, but those who have been using the phone must have realized that despite all the fun, features, and specification it offers, the iPhone 6 battery life is a constant matter of concern. iPhone 6 uses the battery to an exaggerated level, and after a few hours of fully charging, the battery gets on the verge of losing.

So, when you are literally pissed off on the iPhone battery draining quickly and thinking of replacing the model with a newer one, here are a few techniques on how to save battery on iPhone that you must consider before surrendering the phone.

·         Enable Low Power Mode

iPhone 6 runs on iOS 9, and it has a lot of new functions than the previous iPhone OS. There is one such function called “Low Power Mode.” The function comes into life when the battery of your phone goes below 20%, and it is automatic. When the function is activated, automatic downloads, certain visual effects, background app refresh are disabled, and it helps your battery to sustain its energy. Well, if you want and don’t need these functions in regular, you can keep your phone in the “Low Power Mode” to save your battery life and helping it to be improved.

·         Cleaning of junk files

Not just iPhone 6 but almost all smartphones create cache files when you download or transfer images, audio, video or any sort of media files and by the time, it can occupy a great deal of space in your phone, and it further can make your phone hang frequently and suck up the battery file. To avoid this particular problem, you should clear the cache or the junk files on the frequent basis. There are many tools through which you can help cleaning the files on your iPhone like PhoneClean and others.

·         Enable Auto-Brightness

Another thing you can do to prevent your phone to suck up the battery way faster is by adjusting the brightness of the phone. You can turn on the Auto-Brightness feature of the phone, and the brightness will automatically be adjusted depending on the environment. It will save you the battery you invest unnecessary on brightness even when you don’t need it and can do with the little of it.

·         Turn off the WiFi

If you are out of your home, make sure to turn off your WiFi until you are at a place where you have a connection. When you leave your WiFi on, it uses a great deal of your battery while searching for the connecting option. When you turn it off, you certainly save the iPhone 6 battery life.

Every phone runs on the battery, and it needs the same amount of concern you show for other things like display, storage, etc. It is completely in your hands to improve the battery life or to degrade it and blaming the phone or battery alone is not the justice. So, follow these few techniques and save iPhone battery

Use these tricks for all-day iPhone battery life ! Enable Low Power Mode , Cleaning of junk files , Turn off the WiFi will improve your iPhone's battery.

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