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LG K10 4G Dual Sim Mobile Phone

LG K10 4G Dual Sim Mobile Phone

LG K10 4G Dual Sim Mobile Phone

The LG K10 is a phone that runs on the Android OS and has a smoother design, with a large 5.3-inch display. It is a budget phone with the familiar LG design, has a 2.5D arc glass, giving it a smooth and clean feeling when being held. Unlike the LG X Series, this phone has its own unique and specific features.

Below are some features of LG K10 that will be useful for anyone who wants to purchase it:

1. Design

Aimed at the younger audience with its pebble design, the LG K10 has a modern look that could get anyone's attention. Thanks to LG's buttonless frame, the K10 has a smooth finish all over and its power button and the volume rocker is at the back. Its design will definitely help you not press the wrong buttons accidently.

2. Display

With a 5.3-inch screen, its resolution is 720x1280pixels meaning the combination produces a pixel density of close to 280ppi which is good for Android phone seekers with a fair budget. The truth is that it is not easy getting a 1080p phone within this budget bracket that has a capacitive touchscreen and IPS in-cell LCD. The in-cell just means its LCD panel and touch sensor were both molded together making the phone's assembly thickness reduce. A thinner phone definitely gives a user a better touch experience making you feel you are interacting with the screen instead of just touching a plane glass. When doing a smartphone comparison between the LG K10 and LG K4, the pixels in the K10 certainly match up due to the quad HD resolution it has.

3. Interface

Similarly to other LG Smartphones, the K10 possesses the LG's proprietary overlay which might be a bit heavy but still gives more functionality. It runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop software with probably no room for an upgrade to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, for now.

4. Memory and Processor

There are two versions with three different processors of the LG K10 and they are distributed in different regions. Coming as 3G or 4G LTE phone, their processors are either the quad-core chip 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz in the LTE version and then 1.3GHz in the 3G version. Although they did not specify the make, it is speculated that it is the 400 unit series of Qualcomm Snapdragon silicon.

Talking about memory, The 3G version has a 1GB RAM and 8GB inbuilt memory storage while the LTE versions have distinct combinations. The first comes with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB storage while the other has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

5. Camera

The LG K10 camera differs with the version. The LTE version has a 13MP primary camera with an 8MP front camera while the 3G version's camera is a bit inferior to it. Its primary and front camera are both 8MP meaning the quality of both cameras are not really different and on the low side.


The LG K10 has an attractive design with a 5.2-inch screen, 2.5 arc glass, and the beautiful pebble design language. Taking a look at the three versions, the higher LTE version would be the best to have with its higher specifications, young people might find it very useful.

LG K10 - nice looking smartphone,but LTE version would be the best.

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