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LG K3 LG K4 and LG K8

LG K3 LG K4 and LG K8

LG K3 LG K4 and LG K8

The LG K Series of smartphones are its glossy pebble design, a contemporary and stylish look having a modern and curved finish which is aimed at young individuals. The design is complemented by the 2.5D Arc Glass for a seamless and smooth style that have been made possible from the  LG K Series smartphones sides that are free from button cutter.

The K3, K4, and K8 all have very unique features and also look exclusive. From Screen resolution, camera, size, memory, battery, display and much more. We take a look at the smartphone comparison based on each phone's individual features and then figure out which is the best to use among the three.

1. Design

All three phones have a candybar form body made of plastic with the K8 weighing most and K4 weighing least. Also, in terms of volume, the K8 is bigger than the other two with dimensions of 144.9x71.5x8.7mm. The K8 also has the most rugged feel making it the most durable among the three phones.

2. Media and screen

All three phones have a multi-touch and capacitive touchscreen but of individual resolutions. The K3 and K4 have the same resolution of 480x854 pixels, while the K8 has 720x1280 pixels which is much higher thereby producing images of better quality. Also, the K3 and K4 have the same pixel density of 218 ppi while the K8 has a higher pixel density of 294 ppi.

Also, the K8 has the largest screen size of 5.0 inches against the K3 and K4's 4.5 inches for better performance.

3. Camera

If you are looking for quality looking pictures from the three, the K8 is the best bet for you. With an 8MP primary camera and 5 MP front camera compared to the K4's 5MP primary camera and 2MP front camera, and the K3's 5MP primary camera and 0.3MP front camera, the K8 is also the best option. Video calling can be done with both the K4 and K8 while the K3 can do this alongside picture taking during the video call and can share videos too. lg k4

The K3 does not have autofocus while the others do while they all have a LED flash while taking pictures. Geo tagging can be done in all three but the K3 has other features like smile detection, face detection, digital zoom (also on the K8) and self timer while the K4 is the only one with voice activation. 

4.  Operating System

The K4 seems to be the odd one here with an earlier Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) while the K3 and K8 are upgrades with Android 6.0 Marshmellow. This gives you total control over permission of apps and also Smart Lock support from Google. 

5. Battery Life and performance

With the K3, K4 and K8 having capacities of 1940mAh, 1940mAh and 2125mAh respectively, it is expected that the K8's battery would last longer during usage. The K3 has an average talk time of 14 hours while the K4 is 24 hours but surprisingly, the K8 also will just help you through the day without browsing or using media.

Talking about performance, all three have Quad-core processors with K3 and K4 having 1100 MHz against the K8's 1300MHz. The K4 and K8 both have internal storages of 16GB each and also RAM size of 1.5GB each against the 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM of the K3. All three have storage expansion of up to 32GB microSD.



From the various features of each phone, you might start wondering, "what is a smartphone?" or "Which could be the best option for me?" Going by the combined features and in terms of market prices, the K8 seems to be the best choice among the three.

Going by the combined features and in terms of market prices, the K8 seems to be the best choice among the three smartphones.

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