SONY Smart Lens gets Patent Google in the Chase |

SONY Smart Lens gets Patent Google in the Chase

SONY Smart Lens gets Patent Google in the Chase

SONY Smart Lens gets Patent Google in the Chase

The story of flying cars and time travelling does sound interesting to every human being. But, here is SONY with something which is as fascinating as the ones mentioned above. SONY has recently filed a patent for the world’s first smart contact lens. Yes! Finally humans would be able to wear a lens which actually has an in-built camera that would record images with the help of a blink. This means that the things which you see in daily life will be recorded in a tiny device which you are wearing without any hassle.

The patent for Smart Lens has allowed SONY to enter into a league to extreme gadget development where brands like Google and Samsung are already trying to make an impact. The concept of smart lens is frightening as well as intriguing. According to proven studies, the human eye blinks in between a time period of 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds. Any blink which is made after 0.5 seconds is considered to be artificial or unconscious blinking. The smart lens technology has the artificial intelligence to detect these blinks and act according to the requirements of the user. The lens also comes with an internal storage mechanism which makes the device as an automated system to record everything that you see during the day. Imagine having a busy schedule including a meeting, project speech delivery and a conference. Your each and every sight gets captured throughout the day and at the end of the day you will be able to replay the same and make necessary preparations for the next time. With no additional tool, you will be able to track all your activities throughout the day.

Internal sources suggest that the lens is based on piezoelectric technology which works with an objective to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. On the other hand, the lens would be constantly fuelled by electromagnetic induction. The mechanism would be facilitated with the aid of a moving conductor. Experiments have suggested that these lens are also prone to tilt of eyes as well. Images captured by SONY smart lens would automatically implement features like auto focus with predefined movements.

In the other corner, Google has also been working on a similar concept since 2011. In 2012, Google also developed a lens which could measure the level of glucose in the user’s body with the help of a drop of tear. The lens was useful for diabetic patients, but was never marketed. With SONY involvement in the realm of camera based contact lens, it has become obvious that Google and Samsung have sensed a threat from an unexpected competitor. It would be interesting to see how the world reacts to this innovation by SONY and how Google will make its presence feel in this segment. A competitor who has been constantly overlooked in this regard is Apple Inc. The company is well-known for its habit of offering pleasant surprise. May it be the success with the iPhone or making a segment of premium quality laptops in form of Macbook Air and MacbookPro.

SONY involved with camera based contact lens development and Google too -working on a similar concept since 2011

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