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iPhone7s Rumors

iPhone7s Rumors

iPhone7s Rumors


The New Year 2017 will be another amazing year for the smartphone globally. Already, efforts have been made to leverage on the successes recorded in 2016 in the areas of design and processor technology of high end smartphones as a way of cornering a larger of the market share. Already, a lot of apply existing customers have sent mails requesting to know when is the iPhone 7s coming out.

Apple incorporation, maker iPhone has remained consistent over the years with the successful release of her flagship devices almost every year. The year 2016 saw the birth of iPhone7 with its impressive array of specifications which has largely been met positive reviews from iPhone enthusiasts.

But 2017 promises to be even more exciting for iPhone lovers. The iPhone7s release date is now rumored to be due for release anytime in the last quarter of 2017. This will make it around a year, September 2016, which the iPhone7 was released.

As it stands, iPhone7 has stepped up the standards in certain aspects of smartphone technology.

The believe from all angles is that the rumored iPhone7s will come with more cutting edge specs which the iPhone maker if known for. Already, IPhone7 already has comes with impressive features which made it sit atop of the smartphone ranking.

The iPhone 7s camera will be greatly. This is in addition to wireless headset; fast processor speed, long battery life and other features have given the iPhone7 a good rating.

IPhone7s will definitely come out with greater specifications. What more than the fact that Apple has to market other in-house apps iOS on the iPhone platforms. So it really has to be the bomb.

iPhone 7s will be worth the wait as buyers will have access to new features such as eye scanner that can smoothly interface with Apple Pay, impressive 3d display technology and newly improved health metrics.


As early mentioned, IPhone7s will come with bigger battery, improved memory space, higher glass quality glass, and an A10. The major add-on will be a 24MP rear camera plus a 7MP front camera.

You should look no further as we have put together a list of specs that will feature on the soon-to-be released iPhone7s.

Battery:                       3300 mAh

Camera Features:   Optical image stabilization plus, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D

Camera:                    Front 7.0 Megapixels

Camera:                    Rear 24 Megapixels

Colors:                      Grey, Gold, Silver, White

Other Features:       ION Premium Glass, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner,Retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, mini projector

Memory:                   32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory and expandable to 320 GB with dual micro SD cards

Operating System: IOS Operating System

Price:                        Between $850 USD, 775

Processor:               Octa-core A10 processor

RAM:                        5 GB RAM

Release Date:        September 2017

Screen Display:     5.1” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Apple is known for setting standards in smartphone technology. This has help the tech company to retain the largest smartphone market shares for several years.

It is believed that coming iPhone7s will be truly innovative and able likewise able to deliver proportional value for its money to iPhone lovers. The smartphone future belongs to tech companies that are able to deliver unprecedented and unrivalled innovations to improve consumers’ experience.

It is believed that coming iPhone7s will be truly innovative - tentative release date last quarter of 2017

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