xperia z3 designed very smartly |

xperia z3 designed very smartly

xperia z3 designed very smartly

xperia z3 designed very smartly

     Sony is back. With an all new Z series phone this giant has showed its intention to its rivals. After launching Z2 earlier this year, Sony has bought its latest Xperia Z3 into the lime light and this Z3 is the phone to watch out for as it can be one of the finest phones from Sony.

Sony xperia Z3 is designed very smartly, covering all the flaws that it had in Z2. The Z3 looks simple yet high profile. It is slimmer and lighter than the previous z series phones. The rear of the phone is of glass but don’t you worry because the glass is rock hard as it has survived several severe hard drops before breaking in the drop test. The Z3 is not just tough from the out it is waterproof too and has an IP58 rating which means it can atay alive even in 1.5 meters deep inside water for almost half an hour. So the bottom line is by minusing the sharp edges and making it comfortably round this Xperia Z3 looks stunning. Talking about the display Z3 screen is simply ama-zing. With 5.2in IPS LCD screen and 1920x1080 pixel resolution it is joy to watch videos and it also has a brilliant 424ppi pixel density which makes things better. 

Just like Z2 the Z3 comes with Android kitkat 4.4.4 and the snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with 2.5Ghz which makes this phone work very smoothly without any hitch. It has 32GB RAM which is way more than many of its competitions and memory wise it is strong too, it has 16GB/32GB internal storage with external sd-card slot available too. And when it comes to networking it has 802.11ac wireless with latest Bluetooth 4.0.

Coming to the camera zone Xperia Z3 has the same old 20.7Mp rear camera just like Z1 and Z2. But then there are many good changes in it too like better image stabilization, wider lens and improved ISO sensitivity. Though even with 20.7 mega pixel cameras it doesn’t takes picture as it should as the auto focus lets the phone down. So overall it has mixed review. (P.s-the automatic mode saves the day for Z3s camera, it helps you take better quality shots). The battery life of this phone is one more quality that stands out from the rest because even with serious heavy usage it stays alive for almost a day and a half (Sony claims it to have a battery life of two days)

So the conclusion is that the Sony Xperia Z3 is a great Smartphone though the design and camera remains same old but the new features like remote play which lets you play ps4 through your Z3 this sure gives it a thumb up. So overall with new floating apps, Good display and surreal battery life the Xperia Z3 is undoubtedly the best Sony smart phone till date.

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